I do not have typical “girlfriends”.  I really was not close with girls in Jr. High and high school because there was too much drama!  My friends were primarily guys.  Easy to talk to, weren’t obsessed with trying to impress everyone.  I would play baseball and football rather than worry about hair and makeup.

The “girlfriends” that I have in my life now, I have made as an adult.   These girls are pretty much like me.  We tell it like it is and you can take it or leave it…LOL.  We are never afraid to truly be ourselves.  That as it may be, I still have more guy friends in my life than girl friends.  Strange as it may be, that’s the way it is.

Last night, Michael and I went out to dinner.  My friends Jim and Bob texted asking where I was because they  were at a fundraiser.  We were actually at dinner across the street, and of course I couldn’t let them down.  🙂



I found out yesterday that my husband is bring honored with a trip to the Bahamas! That is the good news!  The bad news is that spouses and children are not invited.  Guess I won’t feel bad when I go away with a friend to Cancun for her 50th this fall 🙂



Ty and I got into a full on food fight, with cupcakes!  Everything was fun and games until he smashed one into my eye and one of the sprinkles cut my eyeball……( funny, but painful)!
It has been watering all day, my nose is even running because of it, can’t open it all the way, but it was it!  Lol


What did people do years ago without Rx?  I am currently on 6….  what would happen if I didn’t have them?  What happened years ago?  Survival of the fittest??? 

My “Slices”…

I don’t know if it’s “correct”, but my slices tend to be more like Facebook posts.  I am not someone who can sit and words come to them.  This “Challenge” has been a struggle, but I won’t give up!

Twists and Turns…..

Life is full of twists and turns…

Came home yesterday to friends and motorcycles in the driveway and went out for an unexpected ride 🙂

Woke up this morning to a really strange feeling that was hard  to describe, but had co-workers laughing with me when I was trying to put the “feeling” into words…

Going tot he vet to get meds, so one of our 4 cats (yes, crazy I know) can take steroids and maybe Zanix!!

My life is definitely  full of twists and turns!!


Need ideas….

Help!!!!   I need ideas for Easter baskets for 13 and 15 year old boys!!! Every time I ask them what they want/need, their response is, “Nothing, Mom”.  I am proud of the fact that I do not have greedy children, but at the same time, they are making me crazy because I have no idea what to get them!!

I did come up with the idea to use a Big League Chew bucket with multiple packs of the gum (that I saw at Costco) for Ty’s basket since he loves it and is on a travel team, but I need more ideas of what to fill it with.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!





I honestly think that once the day “got rolling”.. it was one of the quickest Mondays ever!  Maybe because I’m in a unit with my classes that I love, or maybe the dreaded “root canal” time was quickly approaching.  Whatever the reason, it really flew by!!  Waiting at my appointment now..wish me luck! 🙂