Back to our”regular”program

We are still at state, wrestlers still soundly sleeping after an unforgettable 3 days.  The thought of work tomorrow, a meeting, and  then racing home to get back to the ortho by 5   is  overwhelming right now.

Then I think back to how we met a few people this weekend that “have their eye” on Ty.  He’s in 7th grade and is “on the list” for high school baseball, football, and wresting!!!  But Ty being Ty, thought nothing of it.  🙂  There were recruiters from local area private high schools, as well as our own.  Hearing that your son has proven himself to this magnitude, makes my heart swell with emotion.

Hotel rooms for this tournament $500

Food, necessities, etc…  $400

Watching your son dominate the mat.. PRICELESS!!!