Pain, Pain Go Away…

Tomorrow is coming way too fast.  I have to have a root canal.  One of my friends is a dentist and is getting me in tomorrow right after school.  Not looking forward to this, but this pain has to go!  🙂



We don’t have a large family.  My brother lives in Ft. Lauderdale and I see him maybe once a year.  Michael does not have any brothers or sisters and his parents have both passed away.

Over the years, I have felt bad for the boys because they don’t have cousins to play with on holidays like I did.  It is always adults and Kev and Ty.  How boring is that as you’re growing up??!!

This Easter, my Mom is coming as well as some of my friends.  Michael is in culinary school (in his SPARE time) so he will be cooking as always. He has been told that he could open a restaurant.  YES, he is that good.   One of my best friends, Wendy is coming with her son, as well as another couple (Shelley and Jeff) with their teenagers.  Shelley and Jeff have spent Easter with us in the past.  They love it and it has become a joke.  They are Jewish, and they bring the HAM!!!  LOL

A little insight into what I am sure will be an eventful day!!!


Unexpected. ..


People that know me know that my life is one of adventure to say the least.  The stories I have are crazy,  but true.  Friends never know what I’m going to say….  I woke up to this in my garage fridge today,  I can’t even imagine the story behind this one!! 

Where Does the Time Go???

I can’t believe I just registered Kev for Driver’s Ed…..   soon to be 15.  Where does the time go??!! Kinda freaking out.  Not becacause he will be driving, but the fact that he is growing up so fast.  How old does this make me?? 🙂

Just Write about Your Life…..

I was talking with my 7th grade students and told them that I did not know what to write my Slice of Life about today.  One boy simply said, “write about your life”.  Another boy started laughing, but commented, “You’re right, just write about your life”.   There it is, today’s slice. 🙂


Back to our”regular”program

We are still at state, wrestlers still soundly sleeping after an unforgettable 3 days.  The thought of work tomorrow, a meeting, and  then racing home to get back to the ortho by 5   is  overwhelming right now.

Then I think back to how we met a few people this weekend that “have their eye” on Ty.  He’s in 7th grade and is “on the list” for high school baseball, football, and wresting!!!  But Ty being Ty, thought nothing of it.  🙂  There were recruiters from local area private high schools, as well as our own.  Hearing that your son has proven himself to this magnitude, makes my heart swell with emotion.

Hotel rooms for this tournament $500

Food, necessities, etc…  $400

Watching your son dominate the mat.. PRICELESS!!!


2 and 2

Today Ty went 2 and 2… Not as well as we hoped, but he fact that he made it to state is impressive enough for us.  🙂

Opportunities. ..

Michael and are fortunate in that we are able to give our boys opportunities that we never had.  Today for instance, Ty is headed to state for wrestling and Kev is going skiing.  I try to instill in them to make the most of every day and go after what you want out of life.  There are no guarantees on tomorrow, make today count!